Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Me I see in You

As I enter the room I notice you there
Waiting to be seen, waiting to share
I see reflections of sadness in your eye
With shyness, you glance up at the sky

Self-conscious of how you may appear
With nervousness you share that I may hear
Of weights, of hurts, of pain and grief
Next acknowledging the ways you gain relief

Your inner dialogue re-plays its tape
An imagined conversation takes a shape
Will you admire my strength and my courage?
Or a need for confidence, you want to encourage?

Do you like the clothes I wear?
What of my makeup and my hair?
Do you understand and accept my choice?
That I’m okay, let me hear your voice.

In addition, I see sparks coming from within
From where does it come?  Where does it begin?
Uncovering a Shining Soul for all to see
A Divine expression that just wants to be

Accepted and respected, close and afar
With non-judgement, seen as you truly are
All this and more, is the me I see in you
Looking back at me, you see you too

~ Sherry Buikema 

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