Thursday, June 5, 2014

Allow Yourself Time to Play

All of us can easily rhyme off a list of things we need to do, should do, have to do...but what if someone asked you what you want to do? Would your answer include one thing, or a few things?

That want to list is probably shorter but it rarely gets checked off. We put everything else ahead of what our soul wants to do. So instead of feeding our soul, we suppress it and essentially tell ourselves we're not allowed to do what we want until...

Well, that's no way to live. What if until never comes? What if today was your last alive? Even without getting that dramatic, at the end of the day are you satisfied or do you experience regrets? Do you wish you would have just...?

I know there have been many days, I've been guilty of these types of regrets. But, life is too short, and it's meant to be about the journey, about meeting new people, making new friends, feeding your soul. Follow wherever the prodding takes you. Stop making excuses for not doing them. 

Feed your soul first, follow your truth, and the rest will fall into place. In fact, if you take the time to do what you want to do, I bet you'll accomplish even more of the have to-do list. You'll be invigorated and recharged to face these responsibilities.

I have promised myself to do just this, and so far, I'm a much happier and fulfilled person. I'm also going to reserve every weekend just for "play" whether that be going out with friends or reading in my backyard, basically whatever moves me in the moment. I promise to enjoy life more "outside of the box," meaning my computer and take time out for my soul.

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