Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Steps to Overcome Emotions that Hinder You

Do you find that there are areas in your life that you'd like to change, but try as you may, nothing ever seems to resolve itself or transform? I have one main area of my life where I find this to be the case. So what did I do? Decide to forget about the change I wanted, give up on it ever happening? Absolutely not. I sat down with my journal and wrote down how I was feeling.

During the process of journalling I realized a way to turn around the emotions that are stopping me from fulfilling my goal in this regard.

What steps can you take to overcome emotions that are hindering you?

1) Journal.  Acknowledge the area that is giving you issue.

2) Examine why. You might not even know all of the emotions yet, but write them down in numbered format.

3) Take these feelings, or fears, one at a time and expand on them. Analyze why you feel this certain way. When I did this I realized these hindering emotions could be discredited, but by acknowledging and letting your emotions be heard, you are respecting your soul. Even write down the ones that you may  be embarrassed or feel guilt over verbalizing. After all, you are writing this in your journal, for yourself.

4) Create mantras to reverse these feelings. For example, a feeling holding you back from losing weight is fear of success. Once you've analyzed this, you'll likely come to realize that success isn't something to fear and it really doesn't relate to your weight. Still you have to acknowledge and be with this feeling. In this case, your mantra could be: "I am successful and confident at my ideal weight of *."
    Make sure your mantras are stated in the positive and as if you already have attained your goal. For one, your mind doesn't hear negatives but only picks up on the following words. Example, "I'm not going to get sick." Oh, yes you are! "I'm healthy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." or "Thank you for my health."

5) Place your mantras somewhere you can see and say them every day. Once you've worked through your list of emotions/feelings, type them up and print them off, or handwrite them on an index card. The important thing is to have them some place you can see them and repeat them throughout the day.

6) Repeat your mantras at least twice daily for 30 days. This is a trick taught by Jack Canfield. He says the best way to instill a mantra into your way of thinking is to do it this way.

Note, though: Don't get down on yourself if you come to an emotion that is deeply entrenched, in other words, one you find really hard to rip apart and flip on its head. Maybe its not time for you to carry on from that emotion yet. But by acknowledging it, and working on the others holding you back, when you re-visit this difficult one in the future, it will likely dissolve for you. Trust that your soul will let go of things when it is best for you to do so.

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