Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Handling Negative Thoughts

On your path to enlightenment, and education about the Law of Attraction, you’ve likely read many times that the Universe doesn’t hear negatives. If you speak words such as hate, dislike, don’t want, or no, you will end up attracting that which is the subject of these descriptive words. The reason for this is because your focus, your energy, is not on the fact you don’t want these things, or a certain consequence, but rather on the meat of your statement.

Even knowing all of this, there are times when we will feel down or negative. At this times, we tend to look at the undesirable, despite our efforts to turn things around to being positive. It’s true that we can change our low mood swings by focusing on gratitude and by expression of appreciation for what we have. And while it is true that doing such works, the negative underlying mentality isn’t gone. In fact, you can become so concerned with turning your attitude around, that it’s actually proving detrimental to you.

Think of it this way. You are having a bad day. You feel sad and depressed even. Maybe you are seeing everything as a glass half-empty. Now, consider turning that around. Reflect on the process of doing so. Do you recognize the danger of trying to manipulate your thoughts and feelings?

Really, by doing our best to maneuver things, we are not allowing, we are not surrendering, we are not going with flow. When these aspects of energy are removed, then what are we left with? If you are awakened, the answer will come quickly for you. You will recognize that our focus has latched onto the negative, rather than the positive which we desire. By giving concentrated effort to make ourselves feel better, we are, in effect, doing the opposite. All of our energy to going to that which we don’t want.

So what are we supposed to do on days when we feel low?

Allow. Surrender. Just be.

Our feelings are there for a reason. We are feeling beings. In fact, this is at the very core of us. It’s our essence. It’s our driving force. Truly, our feelings can define us—and yet they can change at any given moment.

Instead of experiencing guilt over negative thoughts, or moods, let them wash over you. Acknowledge them, don’t bury them. By allowing them to be you are going with the flow of energy. This is in your highest good.

You will find that when you express, or even simply think, ‘well, I feel down today and that’s okay,’ the negativity will melt away and you can focus on what you really want to.


*From articles I’ve read, I used to have the impression that I AM and feelings are separate, but with my enlightenment, I don’t believe they are. I AM is the summation of feelings, of owning an attitude, a future. Feeling is at the root of I AM and is what has the power to change lives.

CAROLYN ARNOLD is the author of several published novels, including her best-selling Madison Knight series. Her love for writing dates back to her teen years, but it was only in recent years that she was reunited with this love to pursue it with career passion.

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