Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trust the Universe

Place your order with the Universe and TRUST you will receive.
Maybe that sounds simple? You’re hyped up on all that you’ve learned about the Law of Attraction—how everything you want is at the tip of your fingers if only you want it and feel it strongly enough. However, when time passes and you’ve been saying your affirmations, taking time to BE, and well, the results don’t seem to be happening fast enough, the trust factor in the Universe may become a little more difficult. If you’re finding this to be the case for you, don’t worry you’re not alone. I’ve gone through the same experience and I’m sure most people have.

There are a few things to remember, though. One, you will be provided exactly what you need when you need it. This isn’t always the same as when you think you need it. Second, you may have a chance to examine what you really want. It’s possible your desires have changed. Third, the Universal Law is always working.

Have you heard of the man who stumbled upon a large gold mine? In the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill he shares the real life story off R.U. Darby. He set out west with the full purpose of striking it rich. It turns out, he did find gold. He was able to obtain investors and got the necessary equipment to mine the gold. He made back all the expenses and more. Things were going great—until there was no more gold. Eventually, he gave up. He sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars and went back home.

This junk man called in a mining engineer for his expertise. This professional was able to advise based upon fault lines and predicted that if they started digging in a specific place, they would strike gold. But it’s what happens next that provides a solid lesson for all of us. The location where they found the gold was only three feet away from where Darby had stopped digging! The junk man became a multimillionaire.

The lessons? While there may be many in this account, I take out two things. 1) Seek advice and guidance from those who have both the experience and knowledge, and 2) persevere.

Maybe your goals involve something that seems out of reach to you. What are you doing about it? Are you just sitting back and waiting or are you actively following inspired action? Do you avail yourself of those around you who could help you? You could fear rejection, but remember rejection is a myth—nothing more. You can only gain by asking for someone’s help. If they say no, you are no further behind. Are you requesting that the right people come into your life? It’s also possible they are already in place and you had no idea. Open your eyes and trust your heart, trust the Universe.

The second lesson is all about persevering. If we have goals and desires we don’t give up. I’ve heard it said many times in my journey that so many give up when the Universe was just about to deliver their desires. In effect, these people were three feet from gold! Expand on this. If you had a crystal ball and could see the future, it’s quite possible the fulfillment of all your dreams is right around the corner. Are you going to stop trusting in the Universe because you can’t make it a while longer? If you are willing to stop, it doesn’t mean you don’t truly want what you’re after. You could be discouraged, but as noted earlier in this article, it’s also a good time to reassess what you want. When you know that you want something, with every fiber of your being, you won’t let anything stop you for working toward it.*

Lisa Nichols put it a good way in a recent webinar. I don’t recall the exact wording, but I derived the point.

Think of yourself as being in a restaurant with friends. You place your order and then what do you do? Do you spend the next while taking about your upcoming meal repeatedly, as if worried that it won’t show up? Do you think that when your meal comes, instead of it being the steak you ordered, it’s going to be fish?

Nonsense. You expect to receive the meal you ordered. You spend the time, waiting, enjoying a nice glass of wine and friendly conversation.

The Universe is like that waiter. Give it your order and then sit back (enjoy the wine) and wait for it.

I share this analogy because I’ve pulled on it a few times since I heard her say it. It gives a clear image of how the Law of Attraction works. In expanding on the thought, when it comes to your Universal wish list, the waiting for it can also mean inspirational ideas and actions you need to take. (Truly, this subject matter could be expanded on in many posts. Simply look at all the books on the subject.)

With all of this said, there are still times that negative thinking can creep in—how do you handle it? Do you try to quickly turning it around? In my next article, I’ll share with you why this is a dangerous thing.

CAROLYN ARNOLD is the author of several published novels, including her best-selling Madison Knight series. Her love for writing dates back to her teen years, but it was only in recent years that she was reunited with this love to pursue it with career passion.


*If you're looking for a good movie that shows how both BEing, having fun, and being determined are key ingredients for success, I recommend Million Dollar Arm.

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