Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Creating a Life of Color

I feel in awe at the time of writing this article; an immense gratitude and love that is indescribable. The joy that comes from waking each day in anticipation of who will be brought to me for the expansion of my soul through learning, growth and love is truly an incredible feeling!

Remembering back to a time when life didn’t seem so exciting, like many, I lived my life as a hamster on a wheel.  It was all black and white; only about the to-dos, going through the motions, with no reflection on why I was doing it.  Never asking the important questions, why do I have these relationships, why do I have my family dynamics, habits and beliefs?  For a time in my life these questions remained unasked.  I was going to work, coming home, going to sleep, waking up and repeating my routine day after day.

Then suddenly, like a switch was flicked, I started to ask the questions!  Is this all there is? What is it all about?  What is the purpose - my purpose?

Immediately, people, resources and experiences were brought to me to guide and assist me on my path.  It was like an upgrade to a color television set.  Everything became more vibrant, colorful and exciting! 

This happens with everyone, when they are ready.  The friends, teachers, and guides that appear are similar, yet different for each person, according to their path. The funny thing is when looking back, the guides were always there in one form or another, I simply was not consciously ready to see and reflect on what I was to learn from each one.  The moment we are ready, the moment we wish something more for our life, the colorful version; it begins to change!  By asking the questions and recognizing the answers I began to create life a new - everything becoming more exciting and magical!

As we expand, we eventually find and/or create a community of like-minded friends.  More and more friends on a similar path are drawn to you and you to them; each relationship offering a variety of opportunities for self-reflection, learning and growth.  A divine synergy naturally ignites, rippling forth a field of unconditional love for all to shine ever brighter day by day! For this I am ever grateful!  ☺


SHERRY BUIKEMA began learning about energy healing ways and developed a dream. It was a dream of a beautiful place in nature, where friends gather for meditation and self-healing. In 2012, with the help of her very supportive husband, One Place To Be was born.  October 2013 saw the first day retreat, with regular retreats going forward. In line with this dream, Sherry has completed her Reiki Masters and Reconnective Healing® training and is assisting others to reconnect with the fullness of their beings on all levels.

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