Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Experiencing Inner Peace Daily

There are obviously many factors that contribute to our inner peace.  However, one thing that takes from our experiencing inner peace is the hectic pace of our lives.  We can become overwhelmed with all the things we have to do, if we are not careful.  In doing so, we become anxious and stressed out. 

For me, I find summer and the height of the sun’s energy a catalyst that charges us up to go, go, go!  The things to do, look after and maintain are at an all time high.  Quite often from the time open our eyes our minds are focused on what to do today.  All day long we may go from one thing to another, thinking only about what is next. 

Stopping all of it for five, ten or even fifteen minutes may seem out of the question.  How about scheduling a little time to be first or even periodically throughout the day?  We are human beings after all!  Most of us might even argue we can’t find time for that.

A quote comes to mind:
“Whether you think you can, or you thing you can’t -- you’re right!” ~ Henry Ford

So why not think we can and schedule it into our day, as one of the most important items on the list?  Perhaps if we wake up and before doing anything else we sit in a special place where we will not be disturbed.  What if we sat there and breathed - breathed slowly and fully into our abdomen, up into our lungs, hold the breath, then slowly exhale, fully releasing all air from the lungs down, pressing belly button in as the last of the air is let go, hold there, then breathe in again...  Doing this for three or more times can make a world of difference!  Our eyes can be opened or closed, fully present to being in our body. 

Whether we breathe, watch, listen, feel the sensations of our body, or observe our thoughts floating by as clouds, it doesn’t matter.  Even doing this for as little as five minutes, we can experience inner peace -- the inner peace that comes from being in this moment!  This simple practice will take us from the state of doing to being.   Doing things from this place of being allows us to be in the moment, thereby doing things without anxiety and stress.  Experiencing inner peace daily benefits us greatly as we move through our day!

~ Sherry Buikema

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