Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adjust Your Vision to See the Positive

Isn’t it true that we only see what we’re looking for? For example, if we are gazing at a beautiful landscape, admiring the greens of the leaves, it’s possible we’ll miss the fawn curled up in the grass beneath the tree. A more dangerous example is if we’re driving with our focus too far ahead of us. Maybe we’re looking at the color of a traffic light we’re approaching. What we may fail to see is the pedestrian who is crossing at a stop sign intersection immediately in front of us. 

But what if we took this concept and realigned it with how we see the world around us.

If all we see are the negative things in life, this confirms the direction of our focus. We’ve let our vision become limited to the negative side of everything and anything. In fact, it becomes easier to see the downside than the upside. We find that we are complaining most of the time.

What if we adjusted our vision and put on those rose-colored glasses, as it were? While typically associated with a negative connotation, what is wrong with seeing the good around us? Absolutely nothing! In fact when you start to focus on seeing the good, the positive, and upbeat, you’ll be happier and healthier for it.

First step is stop complaining. Stop negative self-talk. Stop judgment of yourself and others.

Every day be grateful for all the good you have around you. Look out for it. Extract the positive in every experience. Grow, learn, inspire.  

Before you know it, your “eye” won’t even pick up the negative.

Shine  on beautiful souls!

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