Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life’s Journey of Self-Discovery

We are raised by well-meaning parents, family members, religious leaders, teachers, and society in general to be and do things in certain ways.  For most of childhood, we are shown and taught the “right” way to live our lives.  At some point as our life journey unfolds into adolescence and adulthood, we begin to question the truth of these ways. 

Coming into our own truth is the magnitude of the journey!  Granted, that is easier said than done.  To deviate from the approved path or programs that were instilled in us is an incredible journey of self-discovery, courage and strength.  No one can do it for us.  It is our journey and ours alone.

The journey of self-discovery is an on-going adventure we choose to undertake.  It doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens with our full awareness.  It can sometimes seem difficult, however, it is helpful to incorporate a sense of humor and play.  This inner work, like an emotional roller coaster, is filled with ups and downs.  One day, we might be feeling as high as a kite and the next feeling extremely low.  It helps to remember that such feelings are to be observed and learned from; they are not who we are.

As we walk the path of discovering our own truth, we begin asking the important questions.  Then all of a sudden, helpers and guides appear.  New friends, teachers, learning material and helpful tools show up at just the right moment to assist us on our journey.  By practicing ways of being that are more peaceful and less chaotic, the exaggerated ups and downs slow down, lessening the degree of their impact on us.

In the meantime, all of our experiences give us puzzle pieces for expressing the fuller version of who we truly are.   We start discovering our own truth.  We are remembering, while re-creating ourselves into who we always were – a Shining Soul!

~ Sherry Buikema

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