Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where Did the Time Go?

So often we hear the expression "where did the time go" or something similar like "I can't believe it's the start of a new month already." Isn't it true that time goes by very fast? There are moments when maybe we're doing something we don't love and that time tends to slow to a crawl. But, really, even then, time is marching on.

I got thinking about this the other week. It was brought on by variations of the comments above. In fact, it's a regular conversation where I work. "It's already mid-month." "It's halfway through the year almost, how did we get here so fast?" "It will be Christmas before you know it." (Okay, there are likely some moaners out there for the last comment...)

As I get older time goes faster--or does it? Isn't it truly my impression of time, my realization as to how precious it really is? 

Capturing that thought, then, how important it is to cherish every second. Even if we're doing something when we'd rather be elsewhere, we will never get that time back. We have to adopt the thinking discussed on this blog before, accept 'what is,' and breathe in each moment.

The other aspect to accepting what is, realizing how fast time goes, is when we look back--did we accomplish what we wanted to? Do we look back on that time feeling satisfied or filled with regrets?

One way to ensure the regrets are limited is to live your truth every day. Do something that feeds your soul every day. Pay yourself first.

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