Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time of Rebirth

Year after year the symptoms of winter melt away. The crocuses are the first, brave enough to burst through the soil. Next, tulip and daffodil sprouts cutting through last year’s leaves with determination, rising to the light, eager to grow and blossom for all to see! The grass turns from brown to green. The naked trees become dressed in a costume of leaves. All of a sudden, we notice multiple shades of grey turned to beautiful shades of green in the blink of any eye.

Looking closer we see the birds and animals singing, playing and loving. We see the flowers and plants sharing their beauty, witnessed through sight and smell. We hear the birds and frogs singing their heart songs; while trees stand tall and lush sharing their branches as a party place for all.

Our barren, dismal surroundings come to life! From death-like sleep to awakened; a rebirth of sorts, enlivened and ready to flourish and grow!

As humans, we also flow with the seasons of weather and the journey of life; literally and figuratively going inward during the cold, dark days and coming out when the days turn warm and bright. The sun’s energy has a way of charging up our rechargeable batteries and away we go! We pick up the pace, doing and being all we can be while the time is right!

This is the time, our time to experience beauty, laughter and play! Time for letting go of the limitations we set for ourselves; all the beliefs and programs we have been running which no longer serve. Embracing the dark and light aspects of self, forgiving, accepting, loving, all of it and the journey that brought us to this precious awareness of now. This is a pivotal moment of gathering all the fragmented pieces of our soul, merging the shadows with our magnificence!

We begin standing tall in the light, arms outreached to the beauty and joy of it all; remembering our heart song, singing, playing and loving all those we meet. This is the time. This is our time. The glorious time of rebirth -- shining for all to see!

SHERRY BUIKEMA began learning about energy healing ways and developed a dream. It was a dream of a beautiful place in nature, where friends gather for meditation and self-healing. In 2012, with the help of her very supportive husband, One Place To Be was born.  October 2013 saw the first day retreat, with regular retreats going forward. In line with this dream, Sherry has completed her Reiki Masters and Reconnective Healing® training and is assisting others to reconnect with the fullness of their beings on all levels.

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