Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Own Your Power and Change Your Perceptions

As a child, we had no problem with our imagination. It ran wild and free. We created worlds without thought. As girls, we were princesses, mothers, or superstars. We had tea parties with our dolls and make-believe friends. As boys, we built forts and slayed dragons. We fought with light sabers (even if they were sticks) and we rode our bikes and jumped off ramps.

But somewhere along the line, we grew up. We went from “playing house” to the real deal—a husband, a wife, children. Instead of being the bliss we fabricated as children, though, being grown up can be anything but fun.

There are responsibilities. There are expenses. You have to get a “real” job. And, suddenly, so many who longed for adult freedom as a teenager are wishing they could turn the clock back.

They are in a job they hate. Possibly they are unhappy in their marriage. They are running on empty with no energy left to take care of themselves. Life has become a hamster wheel and many fear what will happen if they stop running.

So ask yourself, honestly: what would happen?

Maybe your mind floods with all these scenarios—you’ll lose your job, your house, your car, possibly even your spouse. The lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to will combust into ash.

But do you realize what all of this is? That’s right, it’s your imagination. Now instead of using this gift to empower yourself, to help you realize your limitless potential, you are using it to strip away your power and to impose limits on yourself.

Let me ask you this. When you see a new baby, what are your thoughts? Do you look at him or her, their bright eyes, their little lips, hands, and feet, and think, “Welcome to the world. You can work a mediocre job. You’ll never be happy. Your marriage—if you’re lucky enough to find someone—will end in divorce.”

Or, instead, do you find yourself caught up in the rapture of anticipation for the baby?

“I can’t wait to see who you’re going to be and what you’re going to accomplish. You have so much to offer this world. You have the whole world ahead of you. You can do anything you want.”

I think the answer’s a clear one. We are like the second option, in wide-eyed wonder of what this little person will become. We honestly believe they can be, or do, whatever they want. Well, we used to be that little baby, the one others thought these things of. Nothing has changed except for our perception. Close your eyes and imagine looking on yourself as a little baby. Feel the joy and realize the boundless future ahead of you. Breathe in knowing that little baby—YOU—deserve everything and anything you want. Happiness, wealth, abundance in all areas of life. So, ask yourself, am I limiting myself?

Now, let’s go back to that hamster on the wheel. What truly happens to the hamster? He stops. Yep, that’s it. He sleeps there or he gets off.

The same is true for you. You have that power if you want to claim it. It’s up to you to reach inside and pull out your potential.

Here’s another thought, stopping doesn’t mean giving up. It can mean that you’re taking a break to assess where you are in life. Are you happy with your current circumstances? Just like the hamster will stop to rest, you owe it to yourself to do the same. Step back, take time off work, and think your situation through. It might simply be that you needed to have a holiday, to refresh your mind, body, and soul. You might be able to see through the attitude of gratitude that things are not really that off course for you. But, what if stepping back only proves to you that change is needed? Then be brave enough to take that on. Own your power. Trust that you got this.

Carolyn Arnold 

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  1. Brilliant article, because if you are not careful, you will, 'wake up' one day, and ask yourself where has it all gone. None of us are 18 years old forever.

    I think the trick is to somehow be grateful for your past, in whatever way possible, and focus on creating a better tomorrow.

    1. Thank you, Julian. I completely agree with what you've said. We can only move forward starting from where we are today.


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