Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coming Together as One

Have you noticed how there are so many friend groups popping up everywhere?   Currently, I am co-creating and participating in at least seven of these face-to-face group gatherings – not to mention several groups to interact with online, where friends can be from across the globe.

These various sharing circles in our towns, provinces, countries and the world, physically and virtually, are accelerating at this special time in human history.  More and more people are coming together for a common cause or topic, outside of the typical work environment.  During their “off” time, they are choosing to unite with other like-minded individuals and something very interesting is taking place.

We are co-creating a field; a sacred space that is safe for being seen and heard.  Each member is learning to come together in respect and non-judgement to witness the expression of their friends and to also learn it is okay to express oneself freely.  As we observe others, we are as students, learning more about them and ourselves.  As we share and express ourselves, we serve as teachers for ourselves and others.  Often someone intuitively says or does the right thing at the right time, offering guidance, encouragement and support.  It is simply magical!

Together we are raising our awareness and consciousness as we come together in oneness.  We begin to recognize we are not so separate and alone after all.  At the same time, together we practice our unique expression and build confidence in our ability to share our gifts and shine!  A synergy is taking place; a loving, united force field is taking shape and rippling into the world around each of us.  We are becoming the change we want to see in the world.  How beautiful is that?

Now is our time to come together as one and shine!

Thank you to the many friends serving as my teachers and guides.  I feel extremely blessed to journey with each of you. ♥

SHERRY BUIKEMA began learning about energy healing ways and developed a dream. It was a dream of a beautiful place in nature, where friends gather for meditation and self-healing. In 2012, with the help of her very supportive husband, One Place To Be was born.  October 2013 saw the first day retreat, with regular retreats going forward. In line with this dream, Sherry has completed her Reiki Masters and Reconnective Healing® training and is assisting others to reconnect with the fullness of their beings on all levels.
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