Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Keeping Busy?

Have you ever noticed when you meet an acquaintance, often the question will be asked, “Keeping busy?” as if “busy” is a good thing.  A lot of times this is an automatic question because we don’t really know what else to say to someone we see now and again.

Thinking about the answer to this question though, we may think “Yeah, crazy-busy!”  The question begging to be asked is “What are we so busy doing and is that a good thing?”

We all have the to-do lists, as long as our arms, containing what we might label the have-to’s, should-do’s and maybe even some wish-to’s.   For sure our to-do lists would have us be crazy-busy, if we let it!  It feels overwhelming at times and we can feel like there is never enough time.  Looking at it closer though, and even though we may debate it, we only ever do what we want to and what is our priority.  The choice of what we do when has always been ours.

Quite often we can feel crazy-busy because our lists are far too long.  Maybe we should review our lists.  Making a written list is a great self-discovery tool.  Reviewing the priority of each item, maybe there are things on our list that no longer need to be there and we will find our list is not as long as we think.  Next by looking at how we spend our time each day, we can see what we are really busy doing.  Maybe there are time-wasters, making us think we are crazy-busy!  Already the “busy-load” has been lifted!! 

Now we can insert time to breathe, time to be in the moment and remember we are not here to be busy, we are here to shine!  So the next time someone asks, “Keeping Busy?” we can smile and say “Busy as I want to be!”

~ Sherry Buikema


  1. I think we've lost the art of stopping to smell the roses. I find it hard to sit down and read a book simply cos I'm stressed out-- could I have been finishing a task instead?

    Damyanti, My Latest post

    1. So true! We have lost the art. Somewhere along the line doing things for our over all well-being has lost priority, which in turn contributes to our being stressed out. Can't relax because we are stressed out and can't let go of being stressed out because we can't relax. Vicious cycle.


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