Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Take Your Own Advice

It is safe to say that all of us (working through a loss or not) only want to be happy!  This is the desired outcome for all of us on the planet.  So why does it seem so hard?  Why do we sometimes get stuck in our sadness and seem to be unable to move forward?  How should we respond to the event we are now experiencing? (See E+R=O Article)

Sometimes when we are in the middle of an emotional experience, we do not see clearly or look objectively at ourselves.  If a friend asked us for advice on how to handle their situation, you can bet we would have advice to offer.  Why not do that with the question of the happiness you seek and how to get there? 

Along the way, a very pivotal question was posed to me.

“If you had only 60 seconds left to live, what would you tell your children (or anyone) were the 3 most important things you learned about being happy?”

Now if the last thing you could do was give advice to loved ones on how to live a happy life, you would jump on it!  Here’s the thing, how would you respond?

Everyone’s list would be a little different, yet much the same, so here is mine.

  1. Have fun, play, be child-like and follow your bliss!
  2. Love yourself and live your truth!
  3. Shine and share your Divine gifts with others!

When you come up with your list, expand on each point and what that really means to you.  Then take your own advice!  Advice is easy to give but, isn’t so easy to take.  This advice we have just given our loved ones, is what we need to learn from and practice, before we are at the last moments of our life!

You have heard it said: “We teach what we most need to learn.” ~ Richard Bach
This saying replays in my head every time I express myself and I often say “I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to me.”

You see we already have the answers inside us.  If we place ourselves as an observer, a friend of our life, we can hear that advice, take it and create the life of our dreams.   Taking our own advice will empower us to be happy! J

~ Sherry Buikema

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