Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Looking Back is a Good Thing

Even out of the storm, comes the rainbow.
On our life journey, we’re often so focused on the future that there are two elements of time that may be lost if we’re not careful. We all know the importance of NOW—this exact moment where you find yourself. If are too preoccupied with what we want to happen in the future or what has happened to us in the past, we sacrifice the present.  Did you catch that—“the present”—the NOW is a gift. Those of us who recognize this benefit greatly. Still, there is a place where the past fits in.

We can learn from our past choices, this is true. We can grow from our past choices, true again. However, what about looking back for the sole purpose of realizing how far you’ve come? There are pivotal moments in our life when we need to be still and pat ourselves on the back for the things we’ve worked through and overcome. These can be emotional, physical, or professional.

So often, we tend to focus on the choices we’ve labeled as being the wrong ones, on what we perceive as our failures. Instead, look back to celebrate your growth!

This is where a journal comes in really handy. Even a video diary would be quite useful. I haven’t tried the later but consider it a new avenue I may try.

When I think about my journey in the last couple of years, how far I’ve come, I’m blown away. See, this post was inspired by following a nudge from my soul to watch a video I had of myself. It was a recording of a TV interview I did and it’s been on my shelf for over a year. I watched it for the first time today. Wow! That is all I can say. I was in literal tears, blown away by how far I’ve come. During the time period that it was filmed, I was at the height of dealing with personal issues. Emotionally, I was an utter mess. Yet, I composed myself and conducted the interview professionally.

I’ve since grown more conscious to realize that form is not the be all and end all. I witnessed my soul give that interview and it was a beautiful sight. I recognized how much I have grown both emotionally, physically, and professionally since then! I take the time to BE with my soul, I exercise regularly and am on the path to regaining my trim form, and I am a full-time author!

I must say that this look into the past proved beneficial for me. I inspired myself and fanned the flame of passion. I also appreciate how everything happens for a reason and that it’s to serve in the next leg of our journey.

I’ve also observed how with the new path my life has taken, I am a happier BEing. I no longer retort with sarcastic remarks; for the most part they are not even a flicker in my mind to silence. I accept and love other people for who they are—great infinite beings like myself. I listen when people talk. I care about their lives. When my husband and I go out, even if it’s for groceries, we are never by ourselves. People approach us all the time now. Our energy communicates openness. We are richer as a result.

Why not take some time to consider your past and how far you’ve come on your journey. I assure you that you’ll be giving yourself a hug and a pat on the back.

Keep shining!
CAROLYN ARNOLD is the author of several published novels, including her best-selling Madison Knight series. Her love for writing dates back to her teen years, but it was only in recent years that she was reunited with this love to pursue it with career passion.

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