Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scripting Takes Visualization to the Next Level

We've all heard the benefits of making affirmations, setting intentions, and visualizing what we want. Scripting, however, takes it one step further.

When we visualize we immerse ourselves at a desired future time when our wants are fulfilled. If we're doing this to its full potential we include our five senses, not just our visual. We must feel, after all, for our vision to be drawn to us and to manifest.

With scripting, it's an extension of visualization. We put our future "as ifs" onto paper, or into words. We add flourish and expound on our feelings in that moment.

Personally, I started writing a non-fiction book. This is the form my scripting took on. In this book, I share my story and I write it "as if" all my dreams have already come true and I'm helping to encourage others to see that they can do the same.

Maybe you're not a writer, though. Then what? Simply take one of your intentions and write a few paragraphs about it, placing yourself in that future time. Are there people around? Who? How do you feel? What do you smell? What is going on around you? Who is celebrating with you? How are you celebrating? What does it feel like to touch the object you desire?  There's really no limit to how far you can go with this.

Scripting allows you to truly immerse yourself in your visualization. As a side note, I've been reading a book recently, "You'll See It, When You Believe It" by Dyer. He discusses how everything you visualize and see is already here in reality. It's up to you to call it to yourself. With scripting, you are involving not only your thoughts but a very conscious part of yourself.

Give it a try and see what you think! What do you have to gain? Just maybe all of your dreams will come true.

CAROLYN ARNOLD is the author of several published novels, including her best-selling Madison Knight series. Her love for writing dates back to her teen years, but it was only in recent years that she was reunited with this love to pursue it with career passion.

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