Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hurry Up and Relax

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When preparing to go away on vacation there is so much to think about and do.  The realization that came to me is we are often in a hurry so we can relax.  Then we get to the cottage, doing one thing after another, busily filling in the days with activities. 

Eventually, we take time out to sit still, perhaps picking up a great read, like Carolyn Arnold’s latest McKinley Mystery series!  That’s when I really began enjoying the change of pace from the work-week routine. 

By the fifth day I was ready to take on the task of this week’s article.  I found a comfortable chair in the shade and began to really breathe.  This incredible sense of relaxation came over me and this is my observation.

This Moment

Relaxing in this moment I look around and see
Wavy waves rolling gently and clapping next to me

Sparkling diamonds riding waves, sun beaming through the trees
Cicada bugs are singing, wind gently rustling leaves

Being without agenda, sitting without a care
Looking, listening, feeling, so fully being here

Breathing in this moment, each breath fills up much more
Savouring sweetly, with peace encompassing core

Exhaling without effort, with no thought or concern
Being in this moment, there’s much to be discerned

SHERRY BUIKEMA learned about energy healing ways and she developed a dream. It was a dream of a beautiful place in nature where friends would gather for meditation and self-healing. In 2012, with the help of her supportive husband, One Place To Be was born. October 2013 saw the first day retreat and regular retreats are planned going forward. In line with this dream, Sherry has completed the Reconnective Healing® practitioner program and is offering this service.

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