Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Pen is in Our Hand

A writer taps into their imagination and a story is born.  The writer becomes one with the zone of inspiration and the creative energy from within.  The unfolding journey of the two gives birth to a story.  The story is literally created and brought to life!

The purpose of the story may vary based on the desire of the writer.  Overall, the writer wants the story to be an enjoyable experience for the reader.   The writer may intend to take the reader on adventures of intrigue, mystery, love, and joy.  The reader experiences emotions while learning from the characters and themselves along the way.  Needless to say, the impression left on each reader is unique.

When it comes to our life story, metaphorically, the pen is in our hand!  In addition, we are all of it… the writer with a purpose, the creator of the story, and as the reader, the one who experiences the adventures along the way. 

The challenge for us though, is everyone is creating their story at the same time.  Sometimes another’s story choices seem to impact our story in a way we might label “negative.”  As a result, we understandably experience feelings of hurt and loss.  (Obviously, our story choices also affect others.)

What do we do when this happens?  We pick up our pen and start writing again, creating a response to this event that has unfolded in our story.  The way in which the story continues is up to us!

It may be helpful to look back to the beginning of our life story and ask, “What is my purpose?  Did I really have a story in mind of only love, joy and peace, without any of the other experiences?”  Without adventures to learn from, it would be one pretty boring story.  Isn’t it fair to say we simply intended to write and live our best life story with all of its highs and lows?  That is, experiencing who we are not, and then experiencing who we are, perhaps over and over again. 

If we go back to the zone, to the creative energy within, we will find our strength and guidance to pick up the pen and continue writing the story of our best life!

~ Sherry Buikema

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