Thursday, March 27, 2014

Peel the Label Off

Do you ever notice that as humans we label everything? And I’m not talking about product, I’m talking about life choices, habits, thinking, actions, what food or drink tastes like. There is always a word, or a few, to describe something but it ultimately comes down to two viewpoints--the negative and the positive.  Typically, there is a leaning toward one over the other. But why does everything need a label? And why must everything be categorized as good or bad? 

What if you stepped back from the next thing you’re about to label--take in and consider all aspects. Think of it this way, on a deep level, what is good to you? And on the flipside of that, what is bad to you? What do these words mean to you?  Really all these are--words. They mean different things to different people. Consider it this way, what you might label good could be viewed as bad by someone else.

Doesn’t this alone tell you that we don’t really need to assign labels to things in life? We can accept what is and go with the flow, embrace things and people that come our way.  So how about the next time you want to place a label on something in your life, you first stop. You accept it, consider what it is teaching you on your life course, and don’t get attached to labeling it.

See this discussion can be quite vast and complex. When talking about words, that’s all they really are--when it comes to any of them. One clear example is the word God. This means different things to different people. It doesn’t mean our thinking is right or another person’s is wrong.

We have to peel the label off.

If we start going through life without an undue attachment to words and the ensuing labels they imply, we will be more at peace with not only ourselves but with others.

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