Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ripples - How We Affect Others

I was sitting on the dock at the cottage one morning and noticed all the rings on the water’s surface.  The tiniest of fish, I couldn’t even see, were coming to the surface to feed.  The entire cove was covered in these rings.  I was mesmerized by it!

As the fish broke the surface, ring after ring vibrated forth from the beginning spot.  Then each set of rings continued on while they touched and melded with the rings around them.  The concentric and inter-connecting ripples were continuous and in reality never stop.  As a result of each fish doing their thing, they were having an effect on others and the world around them.

How true is that of us?  It can be obvious that the physical things we do have an affect on those around us in a physical way.  But what about the non-physical things we do?

What about the thoughts and feelings we send out about ourselves and others?  What about the attitudes we display when interacting with others?  All these ripples are having an effect on our life experience and the world as a whole.  The bottom line is we are creating it, all of it!

Again, it comes down to choices - how we choose to respond to our life events will create the world we wish to experience. 

So what do we choose?  As we send out our ripples, touching the lives of others, let’s choose spreading compassion, understanding, forgiveness, peace, joy and unconditional love all the days of our lives.

~ Sherry Buikema

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