Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Remembering to Play

As a grown-up, we tend to get all caught up in our to-do lists.  I’ve found out, as you probably have, that the to-do list is never finished.  It might change a little from day to day, but it is never gone.

The list generally holds all the need to and should do items.  It may even hold some want to, but usually they are at the bottom of the list.  When the day’s list is long, they are the first to get ignored.  The responsibilities take over and I have been known to take life and myself too seriously.

On my healing journey, although taking time to honor, love and forgive myself is important, it can sometimes feel like serious work.  What about the time to be silly, to set these things aside, to laugh and play?  Where does that come in?  I remember that doing things I enjoy - just for the sake of enjoying it - is so important!  When I do them, they actually assist me on my healing journey.  These things need to get bumped up on my list!

Many wise teachers have suggested to “be like the little children.  So what does that mean?  Child-like wonder is amazing to witness.  The look on the faces of children who are seeing something for the first time is priceless.  Their eyes are big and bright.  They are jumping, hopping and skipping without fear of judgement.   They make new friends everywhere they go.  They are playful and in the moment.  They are free!  They are shining souls!

There are lots of things I consider play; exploring in nature, finding special rocks, dancing in my living room with my sweetheart.  Additionally, reading, writing, painting, drawing and collages are great ways to be in the playful state of child-like wonder and joy.  They even make the list from time to time, as I am remembering the value of play.

For me, I get the most joy when playing with bubbles.  I like to marvel at all the sizes and colors; the way they pop fast or the way they become translucent and hang around for a while when I send them love.  In the state of play, I forget my big, adult list and problems for a time.   It is as if they were carried away inside the bubble and banished into nothingness.  Blowing bubbles with friends is even more fun, as you witness the childlike joy on each other’s faces. In these moments we are free!  We are shining souls!

~ Sherry Buikema

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